the owls are not what they seem

06:00 | 29-03-2015 | Television | 2 Comments

как все уже знают, городок Твин Пикс улетел, но обещал вернуться:

The offbeat TV series, created by David Lynch and Mark Frost, will be returning to television in 2016, according to a strange (of course) video posted on Showtime’s YouTube channel.


According to a press release from Showtime, “Twin Peaks” will be a limited series of nine episodes. Lynch and Frost will write and produce each one and Lynch will direct all nine.

с точки зрения рассказываемой истории, конечно же, все надо было заканчивать еще в первом сезоне. но ирония этих последних времен в том, что сами истории попросту не имеют больше никакого значения, а совсем наоборот — вот, что писал когда-то Дэвид Фостер Уоллес в одном из эссе :

Part of the reason I actually preferred Twin Peaks’s second season to its first was the fascinating spectacle of watching a narrative structure disintegrate and a narrative artist freeze up and try to shuck and jive when the plot reached a point where his own weaknesses as an artist were going to be exposed (just imagine the fear: this disintegration was happening on national TV).

именно так.


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