физики и лирики

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разговор с Нилом Стивенсоном о том, как строить убежища в космосе — по мотивам его свежего романа, конечно же. читать исключительно скучно, как, очевидно, и саму книгу:

On the technical side, Stephenson executes all this brilliantly. From the issues of taking thousands of people into orbit on tight schedule, to the dangers of radiation, the details of rocketry and fuel production, Stephenson brings both details and passion. Were this a book without characters or emotion, this technical mastery could have made for an extraordinary read. Unfortunately, this is a novel: characters and plot are unavoidable. Yet for Stephenson these minor details feel more like petty annoyances.

право, лучше не скажешь.


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