i am the most mature out of everyone in my imaginary circle of friends

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оказывается, в мире была чудесная Оливия Тейтерс, девушка-подросток, бот, живущий в Twitter:

Olivia Taters is an imaginary teenger who lives on the internet. Created by Rob Dubbin, she’s convincing enough that real teens actually converse with her – and because she replies to messages, those conversations can go on for a long time, without ever really making sense.

но в начале мая этого года Twitter, очевидно, снова изменил что-то в своем API — и она умерла:

olivia taters suspension FAQ:
– don’t know why it happened
– gotta email twitter to get her reinstated
– yes an @twitter campaign would help

зато вот ее рисунки и очередное резюме нашего мира:

someone wrote a protest song to help free a teenager made of algorithms from a jail made of other algorithms: your move, science fiction

хорошие, да.


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