on frankenwatches

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про скрещивание:

When I spoke to [Edouard Meylan, chief executive of the high-end watchmaker H. Moser], he was even more direct. Making smartwatches is a mistake, he argued, particularly for elite brands. To be sure, he said — as many of his peers did — the Apple Watch will probably be successful. “With the right battery, eventually it’ll become something very useful that I will probably wear myself,” he said. But he considers putting smartwatch technology inside a mechanical Swiss timepiece to be brand suicide. “It shouldn’t be a gimmick,” he said. “Especially in our range.” His company, like Montblanc and Ateliers deMonaco, sells watches that cost tens of thousands of dollars. They shouldn’t be creating “some kind of monsters that are a merger of a mobile phone and an actually beautiful mechanical watch.”


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  1. s says:

    например, “I do not want to be defined by a talking point on my wrist.”

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