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5 October 2011 | Ecology, Lifeform, Photo | No Comments

смотрю на фотографии Дэвида Майзеля — вот, например, проект Забвение:

In Oblivion, the images underscore the cyborg nature of the city. Themes of development as a self-generating, self-replicating force that exists outside of nature are encoded in these photographs, which view Los Angeles as both a specific site and as a more generalized condition. The inversion of tonalities in these works is a simple act that defamiliarizes the images. It also subtly refers to other ways of imaging- like the X-Ray, which sees within the structure of an organism or body – or other modes of seeing – like the flickering negative images in an atomic blast, when the shadow world is revealed and released.

и другие:

The ground is bleeding. A red river cuts a path through a bleached valley, winding toward a lake that is no longer there.

очень хороший.


время собирать

17 September 2009 | Crime, Ecology, Literature | No Comments

реальность, по обыкновению, страшнее любого вымысла:

A shipwreck apparently containing toxic waste is being investigated by authorities in Italy amid claims that it was deliberately sunk by the mafia.

одна могила за другой, так и живем в морге (Калабрия — это абсолютно сказочное место, к слову):

The ship’s location was revealed by Francesco Fonti, an ex-member of Calabria’s feared ‘Ndrangheta crime group, who confessed to using explosives to sink this vessel and two others.

[Silvestro] Greco (head of Calabria’s environment agency) said investigators believed there were 32 ships carrying toxic waste sunk by the mafia since the introduction of tighter environmental legislation in the 1980s made illegal waste disposal a lucrative business for crime groups.

“The Mediterranean is 0.7 percent of the world’s seas. If in this tiny portion there are more than 30 (toxic waste) shipwrecks, imagine what there could be elsewhere,” he said.

как знал, как знал.