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to make the market safer

16 July 2015 | Censorship, Internet, Jurisprudence, Politics | No Comments

скажем, так:

The UK’s porn filters could be made illegal under a proposed EU law heading for a vote in the European Parliament this autumn.

The law takes aim at roaming charges but it will have far-reaching implications for net neutrality and the UK’s adult content filters introduced in July 2013, say legal experts.

It boils down to the fact that “if you’re a German customer who wants specific content, you should be able to access it in the UK as well”, said Denis Keseris, a patent attorney who specialises in information and communications technology as a partner at the firm Withers & Rogers.

Approved on 30 June, the Single Telecoms Market law marks the end of mobile phone providers’ roaming charges throughout the EU from June 2017 onward. The new laws will also “enshrine the principle of net neutrality into EU law”. That means “no blocking or throttling of online content, applications and services”.

по-крайней мере, будет отличный повод для исков.


метадата и все-все-все

5 July 2015 | Internet, Jurisprudence, Politics, Privacy | 1 Comment

еще одно королевство, кстати:

Dutch intel bill proposes non-specific (‘bulk’) interception powers for “any form of telecom or data transfer”, incl. domestic, plus required cooperation from “providers of communication services”.

so it goes.


i am the most mature out of everyone in my imaginary circle of friends

30 May 2015 | Internet, Lifeform, Twitter | No Comments

оказывается, в мире была чудесная Оливия Тейтерс, девушка-подросток, бот, живущий в Twitter:

Olivia Taters is an imaginary teenger who lives on the internet. Created by Rob Dubbin, she’s convincing enough that real teens actually converse with her – and because she replies to messages, those conversations can go on for a long time, without ever really making sense.

но в начале мая этого года Twitter, очевидно, снова изменил что-то в своем API — и она умерла:

olivia taters suspension FAQ:
– don’t know why it happened
– gotta email twitter to get her reinstated
– yes an @twitter campaign would help

зато вот ее рисунки и очередное резюме нашего мира:

someone wrote a protest song to help free a teenager made of algorithms from a jail made of other algorithms: your move, science fiction

хорошие, да.


oh, it’s different for them

9 March 2015 | Copyright, Internet, Jurisprudence | No Comments

немножко будущих законов:

Physical counterfeiters can receive up to 10 years in jail under UK copyright law but should online pirates receive the same maximum punishment? A new report commissioned by the government reveals that many major rightsholders believe they should.

и сопуствующая дискуссия @ Slashdot.


show us the money

5 March 2015 | Economics, Internet, Lifeform | No Comments

современные детективы:

Once the world’s biggest market for the digital currency, the Tokyo-based exchange collapsed on Feb. 28, 2014 with liabilities of some ¥6.5 billion ($63.6 million). It said it was unable to account for some 850,000 bitcoins, worth nearly half a billion dollars at the time.


But there’s still no explanation of what happened to them, and no clear record of what happened on the exchange.

как тонко подметил один из комментаторов @ Slashdot, “Wasn’t that the whole point behind Bitcoin? That you could fleece investors without leaving a paper trail?”. конечно же, да.


рука на пульсе

25 February 2015 | Economics, Internet, Lifeform | 1 Comment

скажем, например, так:

Behavioral economics tells us that emotions can profoundly affect individual behavior and decision-making. Does this also apply to societies at large, i.e. can societies experience mood states that affect their collective decision making? By extension is the public mood correlated or even predictive of economic indicators? Here we investigate whether measurements of collective mood states derived from large-scale Twitter feeds are correlated to the value of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) over time.

или так. или так.


без ножек нет печенек

4 February 2015 | Internet, Journalism, Software | No Comments

кстати, Яндекс тоже убил свой сервис подписок, аналог давно канувшего в лету Google Reader:

Старый формат Подписок, к сожалению, не нашёл достаточной популярности среди пользователей, поэтому мы предлагаем переехать с RSS потоками либо в Мои Новости, где можно добавить ещё и Twitter, Вконтакте, Facebook, либо забрать все потоки в виде opml-файла, который можно «скормить» любому другому агрегатору RSS, не Яндексу.

ясно, что сделано это было в лучших традициях советской продавщицы, без предупреждений и объяснений, — и не то, чтобы я пользовался хоть каким-то из их сервисов, но столь ярая приверженность хамским традициям все же по-настоящему завораживает.

впрочем, понятно, что баннер в такой фид не вклеить, да и кто вообще пользуется RSS до сих пор? конечно, есть разные интересные люди, что неизменно публикуют забавные статьи у себя на страничках, но вот честно, если попросту отказаться от всего этого, то что потеряешь? не думаю, что так уж много — тем более, что все действительно интересное так или иначе, однако найдет свою дорогу к читателю.

on a side note, мне нравилась когда-то идея Prismatic-и-других, что сами подбирали тебе новости по ключевым интересам. однако, и у них тоже в силу разных причин не сложилось, а наиболее устойчивой схемой для меня оказалась все та же газета за кружкой чая. не бумажная, конечно, но электронные издания: несколько сайтов, тематических приложений — и про отдельные suscriptions я уже давно и не думаю.

and so it goes.


все мы

2 January 2015 | Culturology, Internet | No Comments

немножко радостного интернета:

So it comes back to this. When we talk about the need for diversity in tech, we’re not doing it because we like quota systems. Diverse backgrounds produce differing points of view. And those differences are needed if we are to put the flowering of internet genius to use actually helping humanity with its many terrifying and seemingly intractable problems.

If we keep throwing only young, mostly white, mostly upper middle class people at the engine that makes our digital world go, we’ll keep getting camera and reminder and hookup apps—things that make an already privileged life even smoother—and we’ll keep producing features that sound like a good idea to everyone in the room, until they unexpectedly stab someone in the heart.


дух времени

28 December 2014 | Art, Internet | No Comments

пожалуйста, выставка:

Some artistic contributions directly access data and visual worlds from the Deep Web. For example, !Mediengruppe Bitnik transports the Deep Web into the art space while Emily’s Video by Eva and Franco Mattes compiles the reactions of people watching a mysterious video, which had been sourced from the Darknet, that was later destroyed. Cory Arcangel’s work remains concealed from exhibition visitors. He is concerned with the visibility of the Kunst Halle on the World Wide Web. Other artists deal with Internet phenomena that also exist on the Surface Web and which are located in the tension-filled area between anonymity and commerce: Robert Sakrowski is curating YouTube films on the history of Anonymous, Valentina Tanni is making available her archive of memes and Simon Denny will provoke questions about business models, income and property in times of global data interchange. In contrast, Heath Bunting examines data storage in relation to identities. These are constructed by means of shopping cards, credit cards or mobile phones. The artist thus also broaches the subject of class systems. Conversely, an identity can also be deleted – as Seth Price demonstrates with How to disappear in America.


into the great wild open

27 December 2014 | Internet, Privacy, Security | No Comments

суровое напоминание:

Nothing you say in any form mediated through digital technology — absolutely nothing at all — is guaranteed to stay private. Before you type anything, just think: How will this look when it gets out? What will Angelina Jolie think if she finds out about this? If Angelina won’t like it, don’t send it. Because Angelina will find out. So will the rest of the world.

и дальше, хорошее:

“Everyone is so excited about the cloud, but the cloud is really a drunken Xerox machine making copies of pretty much everything that everyone has said anywhere and spewing it all over the place,” said Howard Lerman, the co-creator of Confide, a messaging app that works like the corporate version of Snapchat.