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обратная связь

2 June 2013 | Journalism, Media | No Comments

quote of the day:

Putting a comments section at the end of your newspaper article is like leaving a space on your outfit for dogs to shit on you.

Sophie Heawood, a journalist for the Independent, Guardian, Times, Vice, Grazia.


your real competition

9 March 2013 | Economics, Internet, Journalism, Lifeform | No Comments

известный пророк грядущего, Брюс Стерлинг, неизменно этому будущему активно сопротивляется:

It’s a shame when people mistake these electronica sarcophagi for actual books. The digital content of these dedicated display devices may be called “books” for legal and economic skeuomorphic reasons, but they’re not “books” any more than an mp3 file is the Beatles playing live in your living room.

Whatever happens to musicians will eventually happen to everybody.

слышна вселенская печаль, не правда ли? что ж, наша ежедневность радностно подкинула ему очередной случай:

Writer Nate Thayer set off the media equivalent of a fragmentation grenade on Tuesday, with a lament about the state of freelance writing that sent virtual shrapnel flying in all directions. The main target of his ire was The Atlantic, which he says asked him to rewrite one of his pieces and offered to pay him nothing — and this was seen by many as a symbol of the parlous state of online writing, not to mention the general decline of the media. Is that fair? Not really.

и Стерлинг, Мессия цифрового века, только в очередной раз пророком донес нам все то же уныние:

Whatever happens to musicians will happen to everybody.

so cute.

вот только ситуация отнюдь не биполярна, как это может показаться со стороны. так, например, можно говорить о том, как выживают сами журналы. или о том, что свободным писательством больше не заработаешь на хлеб, и это просто факт жизни, с которым глупо спорить. или еще о чем-нибудь.

но суть куда проще: дела обстоят так, что товарная экономика стремительно меняется на наших глазах почти во всех областях (нефть остается нефтью, you know). и, да, куда сильнее эти процессы бросаются в глаза именно в творческих профессиях любого сорта. и, да, то, что происходит с музыкальным бизнесом, в конечном счете затронет всех нас — раньше или позже. но если музыканты ищут другие пути, от концертов, до альтернативных методов издания (например), то все остальные застыли, испуганные, проповедуя неизбежный голод:

The part that Thayer and his supporters aren’t talking about is how much easier it is for writers of all kinds to make a living if they want to — not by submitting their work to a handful of traditional outlets, but by turning it into e-books and Byliner singles and other formats, something that has expanded the field of writing more than just about anything since the printing press. Are there new economics for writing? Yes. Are they unrelentingly evil and negative? No.

в точку[1].


  1. и успех The Magazine, движимого Марко Арментом, создателем Instapaper, это только лишний раз увренно подтверждает. ↩


о верности флагу

7 March 2013 | Censorship, Journalism, Jurisprudence, Politics | 1 Comment

тем временем Брэдли Мэннинг частично признал предъявленные ему обвинения и выступил с заявлением — очень хорошим, правда:

Although the information had not yet been publicly by the WLO, I felt this sense of relief by them having it. I felt I had accomplished something that allowed me to have a clear conscience based upon what I had seen and read about and knew were happening in both Iraq and Afghanistan everyday.

настоящий герой, без шуток. что тут еще можно сказать.

предчувствия, впрочем, у меня самые грустные. и теперь остается разве что вспоминать былые преценденты и ждать действительно непредвзятого разбирательства. благо, как и подчеркнул судья Поттер Стюарт ранее:

In the absence of the governmental checks and balances present in other areas of our national life, the only effective restraint upon executive policy and power in the areas of national defense and international affairs may lie in an enlightened citizenry — in an informed and critical public opinion which alone can here protect the values of democratic government. For this reason, it is perhaps here that a press that is alert, aware, and free most vitally serves the basic purpose of the First Amendment. For, without an informed and free press, there cannot be an enlightened people.

все так.


сегодня или навсегда

13 February 2013 | Censorship, Journalism, Politics | No Comments

хорошее напоминание:

[I] remain convinced that if Assange is prosecuted for espionage the future of investigative journalism everywhere would be in jeopardy.


the roadmap

5 February 2013 | Economics, Journalism, Wine | No Comments

от нашего стола вашему столу:

Jon Campbell, who briefly made Hartford a more interesting place with his presence and reporting for the Advocate, has entered the homebrew game with his signature Unemployed Reporter Porter.


[The label reads] “we’ve included chocolate and roasted barley malts that are as dark and bitter as the future of American journalism, and a high alcohol content designed to numb the pain of a slow, inexorable march toward obsolescence.”

натурально, мне всегда была по душе чудесная история Джейми Завински:

[I]n 1999 I took my leave of that whole sick, navel-gazing mess we called the software industry. Now I’m in a more honest line of work: now I sell beer.



20 January 2013 | Journalism | No Comments

замечательный Билл Драммонд о журналистике:

Я совсем немного проработал в газете, но все же успел понять, что больше всего ненавижу ту иронию и ту игру слов, которую младшие редакторы используют в заголовках.

о, да!


ready to write

17 January 2013 | History, Journalism, Metaphysics | No Comments

а вот, как проводил свои дни Хантер Стоктон Томпсон.

действительно, иначе отчаяние просто убивает.


to make the decision

21 September 2012 | Journalism, PIM | No Comments

Сет Годин о методах обсуждения в одном из интервью:

A meeting is a very special thing: it’s three or more people talking to each other about a decision that’s going to be made, and probably trying to get someone else to make it,” he explains. “And so I don’t have those. If I need information I have a conversation with one person. That’s not a meeting, that’s a conversation.

и о… well… заметках:

GEORGINA LAIDLAW: Just before you go, I wanted to ask if you could share with us one piece of advice that you’d give to other bloggers who want to increase their creative productivity to a level that they can use to generate a full-time income.

SETH GODIN: Oh, I don’t think you should do that.

GEORGINA LAIDLAW: Excellent! And why not?

SETH GODIN: Because then you just, you’re doing it to generate a full-time income, aren’t you? And this is amateur media; this is not professional media. And every once in a while an amateur gets so good that people come to them and beg them to take money. But if an amateur sets out to be a professional, she starts making short cuts and she starts trading in relationships for cash. And I don’t know how to tell people to do that.



говорящие головы

19 September 2012 | Internet, Journalism, Media, Television | 1 Comment

знаменитый Internet Archive теперь еще и большой телевизор:

As of Tuesday, the archive’s online collection will include every morsel of news produced in the last three years by 20 different channels, encompassing more than 1,000 news series that have generated more than 350,000 separate programs devoted to news.

отныне политикам будет хоть немного сложнее:

The latest ambitious effort by the archive, which has already digitized millions of books and tried to collect everything published on every Web page for the last 15 years (that adds up to more than 150 billion Web pages), is intended not only for researchers, Brewster Kahle, founder and leader of Internet Archive, said, but also for average citizens who make up some of the site’s estimated two million visitors each day. “The focus is to help the American voter to better be able to examine candidates and issues,” Mr. Kahle said. “If you want to know exactly what Mitt Romney said about health care in 2009, you’ll be able to find it.”

интересно и то, что, по словам Тима О’Рейлли, Кейл впервые рассказал ему об этой задумке десять лет назад — что ж, так и воплощаются идеи, именно так.


на пороге

30 August 2012 | Internet, Journalism, Twitter | 1 Comment

quote of the day:

You might not know it yet or use it as such, but Twitter is the modern day version of the newspaper.

источник, колонка в Forbes, — это снова о том, насколько сильно разнятся Twitter и Facebook:

Twitter will never die. It doesn’t have to evolve — cosmetically, stylistically, etc. — as much as Facebook does because the content that fuels Twitter always changes. In fact, it can and usually does change in an instant.

все так и есть.