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16 September 2012 | Lifeform, MT, Software | No Comments

скоро даже покинувшие нас все равно останутся рядом:

Companies in America, Denmark and the UK are adding QR codes to gravestones that can be used to view online memorials via smartphones.

и будут продолжать говорить:

It’s a good way to tell the story of a person. And we all have a story. Both the farmer, the director, they all have a story.


правила восприятия

24 April 2012 | Art, Lifeform, MT, Robots, Technology | 3 Comments

новая эстетика давно уже рвется наружу:

At SXSW this year, I asked four people to comment on the New Aesthetic, which if you don’t know is an investigation / project / tumblr looking at technologically-enabled novelty in the world.

и дальше:

One of the core themes of the New Aesthetic has been our collaboration with technology, whether that’s bots, digital cameras or satellites (and whether that collaboration is conscious or unconscious), and a useful visual shorthand for that collaboration has been glitchy and pixelated imagery, a way of seeing that seems to reveal a blurring between “the real” and “the digital”, the physical and the virtual, the human and the machine. It should also be clear that this ‘look’ is a metaphor for understanding and communicating the experience of a world in which the New Aesthetic is increasingly pervasive.

вот, например:

Because machine/computer vision isn’t very advanced, to exist with machines in the real world we need to mark up the world to help them see. The above image is imagining how this could work, but below is it occurring in the real world QR codes (or something somewhat similar) are placed on a factory floor in a grid solely to aid robots, there is nothing here for us humans to use. And yet the passage of the robots create a pattern, tracks from the wheels and circles where the robots turn and turn and turn. This is computer vision spilling out into the real world.

радует безмерно:

What has been brilliant about the New Aesthetic for me, personally, is that it has produced work, it has made me see and think about the world in a strange way, out of which thinking strange things have fallen, like Rorschmap and Robot Flaneur and Balloon Drones and Shadows, of which more anon.

помните о чуде? ровно так оно и зачаровывает.



1 September 2009 | AR, MIR, MT, Software | No Comments

еще один ликбез, дабы не путать очевидное:

There are 3 new technologies competing for attention on today’s mobile phones: Augmented Reality (AR), Mobile Image Recognition (MIR) and Mobile Tagging (MT). This briefing aims to provide a short introduction to all three, position them against each other and illustrate how all they can co-exist together.




9 April 2009 | MT, Software, Wine | No Comments

в предверии летней истомы окидываю взглядом винные ряды дома. и не только взглядом, оказывается:

Imagine you are in a restaurant or in a wine shop and would like to know more information about a wine. If a wine uses a QRCode you’ll be able to use your mobile phone to access information about that wine on adegga (ratings, notes, prices). If you have a camera enabled mobile phone you’ll just need to install a small application that lets you read these codes.

не только взглядом.



1 March 2009 | MT, Software | 2 Comments

програмное обеспечение уже можно рисовать фресками на стенах грязной подворотни:

A printed QR code (2D barcode) on paper can hold the content itself. Shoot it with a built-in camera and install the content on the phone.

This enables a simple but revolutionary paper-based content distribution through QR.

окружающий мир бросается прямо вам в лицо.