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во главу угла

3 September 2012 | Jurisprudence, Twitter | No Comments

нужно вот так:

Alexander Macgillivray, Twitter’s chief lawyer, says that fighting for free speech is more than a good idea. He thinks it is a competitive advantage for his company.

не взирая, что будет только сложнее:

It doesn’t always work. And it sometimes collides awkwardly with another imperative Twitter faces: to turn its fire hose of public opinion into a profitable business. That imperative will become far more acute if the company goes public, and Twitter confronts pressures to make money fast and play nice with the governments of countries in which it operates; most Twitter users live outside the United States and the company is already opening offices overseas.


на пороге

30 August 2012 | Internet, Journalism, Twitter | 1 Comment

quote of the day:

You might not know it yet or use it as such, but Twitter is the modern day version of the newspaper.

источник, колонка в Forbes, — это снова о том, насколько сильно разнятся Twitter и Facebook:

Twitter will never die. It doesn’t have to evolve — cosmetically, stylistically, etc. — as much as Facebook does because the content that fuels Twitter always changes. In fact, it can and usually does change in an instant.

все так и есть.



20 August 2012 | Internet, Privacy, Software, Twitter | No Comments

даже обычные базовые определения и понятия можно изменить — например, вот так:

Imagine Twitter without user names or profiles. Instead, each user has their own unique colour. You can see all of that colour’s messages, follow and respond to the ones that strike you. But you can never discover who is behind that colour. You might be conversing with … anyone. A pure relationship of thought.

куда ближе к созвездиям.


передел рынка

19 August 2012 | Censorship, Internet, Software, Twitter | No Comments

да, и касательно новых ограничений API и требований Twitter к сторонним разработчикам — тут все просто:

That means that no third-party client can ever have more than 100k users, unless given special permission by Twitter or it already has over 100k right now, in which case it can have double the amount it has today.

хоть что-то в этом мире не связано так или иначе с цензурой?


сам себе режиссер

12 June 2012 | Apple, Facebook, Lifeform, Twitter | No Comments

меткое наблюдение:

Why read about someone else when you could write about yourself? Soon the “Tap to post” to Facebook and Twitter buttons announced at WWDC today will appear in iOS and OS X Mountain Lion’s Notifications centers so you’ll always be just a swipe away from sharing. But that means you won’t have to visit Facebook or Twitter where you collide with what others create, diminishing the ambient intimacy they offer and turning them into ego-driven broadcast channels.

By divorcing the composer from the content, sharing starts to feel like shouting into a black hole. So thanks a lot, Apple. You’re so bad at social you might actually be making us more anti-social.

мне только непонятно слово “might”.


о блогах

24 March 2012 | Internet, Lifeform, Twitter | No Comments

чудесная идея:

As a closing thought, I’ve had this idea in my head for the last few years of what a perfect news site looks like, and it’s quite simple: a white screen with a list of 5 or 10 links that changes once a day. That’s it. Here’s the tricky part though: the 5 or 10 links need to be THE 5 or 10 links that are most useful to me on any given day.


ну нет, наклеивать ярлыки — это мы обезьянам не отдадим

3 November 2011 | Google, PIM, Twitter | 2 Comments

а вот еще одна вещь, которой я никогда не понимал:

Take a look at Twitter Lists. The idea behind Twitter Lists was that users would carefully cultivate lists on Twitter of different accounts they’re following (or not following). These could be divided into lists like Family, Friends, Coworkers, People I Find Mildly Attractive, People To Murder, People I Find Mildly Attractive And Want To Murder, and so on.

The problem is that, anecdotally, no one seems to use Lists <...>.

This is why I was never fascinated by Google+ and its concept of Circles. You have to go through entire sub-communities of your friends and drop them into arbitrary groupings. That sounds like shit work to me. What happens if I get really hammered with a Business Acquaintance and he becomes a Close Drinking Partner? Do I move his circles around? What happens if we hire him? Is he a Coworker and a Close Drinking Partner? The last thing I want to have to worry about is continually micromanaging another facet of life. This is important, since Google+ Circles is allegedly about privacy, and if you don’t continually cultivate your circles, you could inadvertently send out the wrong update to the wrong subset of contacts.

уверен, все эти тэги, лэйблы и прочая ерунда — они зачастую будут только мешать, а не наоборот:

One of my favorite posts is Merlin Mann’s Mud Rooms, Red Letters, and Real Priorities. His main point is that adding an assortment of labels, tags, and priorities to your email inbox only serves to give you the illusion of getting work done. Either something is important, or it isn’t. You don’t need five levels of priorities to decide that, and spending time categorizing isn’t real work.


на двоих

11 June 2011 | Google, HOWTO, Twitter | No Comments

если вы любите Google Reader так же, как люблю его я, то, разумеется, давно уже пользовались замечательной функцией Send To — я, например, именно таким образом написал большую часть сообщений в Twitter.

однако, с недавнего времени работать оно перестало. и выхода поэтому ровно два: либо переключить web-интерфейс в Twitter на старую версию (ага), либо добавить[1] новый Send To (а вот так, кстати, выглядит аналогичной синтаксис для старой версии).

[1] — не забываем про TLS.


сарафанное радио

5 February 2011 | Internet, Lifeform, Twitter | No Comments

не стоит, однако, забывать, что Twitter уже давно живет собственной жизнью:

If you visit Twitter right now you will see “RIP JUSTIN BEIBER” and “RIP NELSON MANDELA” as the trending topics. This would give anyone an impression that these two individuals have been dead. This is not the first time that this has happened on Twitter and not the last time this will happen.

In the past celebrities like Eminem, Matt Damon and Harrison Ford have died (fake) on Twitter and then have been resurrected. I am being a bit sarcastic here, but the thing is that just like a good cause, rumors can travel fast too on Twitter, putting fans and the so called dead celebrities at hassle.

не только распространяют новости, но и создают их. заполняют пространство новым смыслом: а так уж важны новости? или, наоборот, не является ли информация отдельной жизненной формой? идеальной в своей завершенности и самодостаточности? не продолжение ли это знаменитых нарезок:

When you cut into the present the future leaks out.

или просто очередной алгоритмический сбой:

Twitter had recently changed their algorithms for trending topics. That algorithm has been a reason why WikiLeaks was not trending.

и как тогда отличить действительность от шума? да и стоит ли?


в зависимости от обстоятельств

29 January 2011 | Censorship, Internet, Politics, Twitter | No Comments

впрочем, не стоит переоценивать значимость сетевых коммуникаций (ага) — вот они, факты:

Egypt appears to have cut off almost all access to the internet from inside and outside the country from late on Thursday night, in a move that has concerned observers of the protests that have been building in strength through the week.

завтра в России, послезавтра и в остальном мире.

тем не менее, сегoдня, в пику недавним событиям, Twitter снова последний бастион и оплот свободы и демократии. как ожидаемо.