термо-ректальный криптоанализ

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не вся ваша частная информация такая уж частная:

Oliver Drage, 19, of Liverpool, was arrested in May 2009.

Police seized his computer but could not access material on it as it had a 50-character encryption password.

Drage was convicted of failing to disclose an encryption key in September. He was sentenced at Preston Crown Court on Monday.

что ж тут удивляться — законы подобные у каждого государства припасены. так что и не думайте пырхаться:

Det Sgt Neil Fowler, of Lancashire police, said: “Drage was previously of good character so the immediate custodial sentence handed down by the judge in this case shows just how seriously the courts take this kind of offence.

а в остальном, конечно, XKCD gets it right.



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