на каждом углу, бувально

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удивительно, насколько в одной стране уживается и цензура, и просвещение [PDF]:

Public libraries served 297.6 million people throughout the United States, a number that is equivalent to 96.4 percent of the total U.S. population. In FY 2010, there were 8,951 public libraries (administrative entities) in the 50 states and the District of Columbia (Figure A). There were 17,078 public library outlets, including branches and bookmobiles. This translates to approximately 3.0 public libraries and 5.8 outlets for every 100,000 people. Public libraries had an average of 1.9 outlets, ranging from single outlet libraries (7,204 of all public libraries) to libraries with up to 90 outlets (including branches and bookmobiles). Most public libraries (81.0 percent) are single outlet libraries. While the population within the legal service area increased by 9.2 percent from FY 2001 to 2010, the number of public libraries remained stable, with a 10-year increase of less than 1 percent.

Although libraries in cities and suburbs comprise just over a quarter (28.4 percent) of all public libraries, they serve almost three-quarters (72.5 percent) of the population. Public libraries in cities have 2.9 outlets per 100,000 people, whereas libraries in rural areas have 16.94 outlets per 100,000 people. In FY 2010, there were 487 public libraries in cities, 2,055 in suburban areas, 2,222 in towns, and 4,187 in rural areas. Public libraries in cities operate in densely populated areas, so one library can serve many people, often by having multiple branches throughout the city. In contrast, public libraries in rural areas often serve a population spread over a large geographic area. Even though they have different challenges in meeting the needs of the people in their service areas, public libraries in all locales use a variety of strategies to extend their reach, including bookmobiles, books by mail, expanded digital resources and outreach programs.

интернет, конечно, сильно изменил положение вещей для меня лично, — но раньше, да, по приезде на новое место, будь то хоть пара недель, я сразу шел в библиотеку.


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