all our hearts are beating for you

14:31 | 19-11-2013 | Censorship, Politics, Religion | No Comments

Надя Толоконникова, прекрасная, запертая сейчас в туберкулезном госпитале очередной исправительной колонии, этим летом в абсолютно чудесной переписке с Славоем Жижеком:

Here in Russia I have a strong sense of the cynicism of so-called first-world countries towards poorer nations. In my humble opinion, “developed” countries display an exaggerated loyalty towards governments that oppress their citizens and violate their rights. The European and US governments freely collaborate with Russia as it imposes laws from the middle ages and throws opposition politicians in jail. They collaborate with China, where oppression is so bad that my hair stands on end just to think about it. What are the limits of tolerance? And when does tolerance become collaboration, conformism and complicity?

все так.


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