for a happier life

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стреляй, потом разберемся:

By August, 1996, Doom had sold two million copies, prompting Wired to name it “the most popular computer game of all time,” and it had spawned a new sub-genre of video game, the so-called “Doom clone.”


What is it that has made this type of game such a success? It’s not simply the first-person perspective, the three-dimensionality, the violence, or the escape. These are features of many video games today. But the first-person shooter combines them in a distinct way: a virtual environment that maximizes a player’s potential to attain a state that the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls “flow”—a condition of absolute presence and happiness.


Control, compounded by a first-person perspective, may be the key to the first-person shooter’s enduring appeal. A fundamental component of our happiness is a sense of control over our lives.

так оно и было, мы определенно контролировали шипение BFG 9000, медленно разгоняющейся, что жизнь за окном — мы убивали друг друга беспрестанно, дни и ночи напролет, пулями навылет. и были ли мы счастливы? уж можете мне поверить.


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