where the glue is

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к дню рождения писателя сложно подобрать характеристику лучше Франзена (“[Т]he better he is the more I want to hate him but the less I can”), но мне нравится вот этот кусочек из отличной статьи-расследования Бориса Качки:

“I thought he was a little weird,” says Pynchon’s Cornell friend Kirkpatrick Sale. “He stayed by himself most of the time.” But the goateed introvert came out for a beer once in a while, and noodled around on a guitar. He and Sale began writing an operetta, called “Minstrel Island,” about a land to which artists escaped from a square America ruled by IBM.

итак, ему долгих лет. а нам — его оперетт.


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