welcome, Neo, to the virtual world

07:32 | 12-07-2015 | Sex, Technology | No Comments

и не забудь свою Неомаху:

If you haven’t experienced virtual reality in any form — porn or otherwise — it’s a bit hard to grasp this, but VR is a legitimate breakthrough in entertainment and storytelling.

The difference between virtual reality and every storytelling medium that came before it is something called “presence.” For those unfamiliar with this term, presence is what happens when you are immersed in the virtual experience in front of you.


As VirtualRealPorn co-founder Mike Kovalsky (fake name) said when I interviewed him, “When you watch standard porn, you have to see what the director decides to show you. But in VR, you have the actress in front of you, and you can choose to look into her eyes, watch her tits, or focus on her pussy.”

Even with a mid-range HTC phone and the barrel-scraping Google Cardboard strapped to my face, I found VirtualRealPorn’s videos to be a leap forward in erotic intensity.

And this is just the beginning.


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