conventions only become conventions if they work

08:28 | 14-07-2015 | Cryptography, Privacy, Security, Software | No Comments

или, например, хороший Мокси Марлинспайк о GPG:

Eventually I realized that when I receive a GPG encrypted email, it simply means that the email was written by someone who would voluntarily use GPG. I don’t mean someone who cares about privacy, because I think we all care about privacy. There just seems to be something particular about people who try GPG and conclude that it’s a realistic path to introducing private communication in their lives for casual correspondence with strangers.

Increasingly, it’s a club that I don’t want to belong to anymore.

все так. вот и получается, что с одной стороны криптогфрафия жизненно необоходима каждому, а с другой — что пользоваться этими продуктами нет совершенно никакой возможности.


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