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наживаются на святом

9 March 2015 | Amazon | No Comments

Amazon, тем временем, устроил скидку на все святопатричное — например, “50% or More Off Green Fashion Jewelry”. или на зеленые чехлы для телефонов. или на вечнозеленый Джеймисон.

так забавно, право.


два подхода

20 November 2013 | Amazon, Apple, Economics | No Comments


Amazon doesn’t care that it doesn’t make a “profit” on the sale of a box of Uni-Ball pens that it ships for free. Rather, it focuses on pumping enormous amounts of cash into the virtuous spiral of an ever-expanding business. Wall Street rewards the company with an equally expanding market cap.

и два:

[On the other hand, Apple] makes Wall Street nervous: To some, Apple now looks like a movie studio that’s too dependent on the popularity of its small stable of stars.


making sense of data

23 May 2013 | Amazon, Apple, Google, Hardware, Software, The Great Game | No Comments

основные тенденции и цифры, озвученные Бенедиктом Эвансом, — больше всего мне понравились 17 и 18 слайды, это очень… вдохновляюще.



это вам не очки

24 January 2013 | Amazon, Apple, Economics, Google, Technology, The Great Game | 1 Comment

ну что, все по плану:

Amazon today announced that it is acquiring Ivona Software, a Polish-based specialist in voice technologies that competes with Nuance and is already used in the Kindle Fire for services covering text-to-speech, voice commands and “Explore by Touch.” The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

т.е., занимаются разработкой новых интерфейсов — например, голосовых. а там и очередной виток битвы за нашу гостинную комнату начнется — ведь не клавиатуру же, право слово, к телевизору подключать[1]?


  1. к слову:

    Tim Cook: In terms of the product that we sell today, Apple TV, we sold more last quarter than we’ve ever sold before, eclipsing 2 million during the quarter. It was up almost 60 percent year-on-year, and so there’s actually very good growth in that product. What was a small niche at one time of people that loved it is a much larger number that love it.



where the truth lies

19 January 2013 | Amazon, Apple, Media, The Great Game | 1 Comment

как и следовало ожидать, Amazon целит не в планшеты, а значительно выше:

Amazon is launching an HTML MP3 web store that’s made for Apple devices: the iPhone and iPod touch. It will also run smoothly on the iPhone’s default browser, Safari.

Amazon’s store will offer 22 million songs. When a purchase is made, it will be transferred to an Amazon Cloud Player account, and accessible via desktop, mobile apps, and Kindle Fire.

очевидно же, из всей этой армии соревнующихся с Apple компаний, Джефф Безос возглявляет единственную, где действительно есть потенциал.



11 January 2013 | Amazon, Technology | No Comments

Amazon запустил сервис под названием AutoRip:

Amazon announced Thursday that it will give free digital versions of CD tracks to those who’ve purchased physical discs from the online retailer.

Called “AutoRip,” the service automatically adds MP3 versions of songs — 256 Kbps, for you music nerds — onto the company’s Cloud Player. According to a release from Amazon, the service will work not only with new CD purchases, but any CD purchase made on Amazon since 1998.

прекрасно, я думаю, но ведь мы же хотим только одного, да? логичного продолжения для книг.


за покупателя

25 December 2012 | Amazon, Economics, Google, The Great Game | 1 Comment

или вот другое ключевое противостояние:

Research firm Forrester reported that 30 percent of U.S. online shoppers in the third quarter began researching their purchase on, compared with 13 percent who started on a search engine such as Google – a reversal from two years earlier when search engines were more popular starting points.

Amazon now sells ads that show up to the side of product search results on its website. There were 6.7 billion display ad impressions on in the third quarter, more than triple the number in the same period of 2011, according to comScore.

за неполный год акции Amazon выросли на 50 процентов, акции Google — на 10. 2013 обещает быть интересным, не так ли?


а что, если нам посчитать?

5 November 2012 | Amazon, Apple, Google, Hardware, Microsoft | No Comments

немного цифр:

Still, Apple has managed to sell a whopping 3 million of both devices in a very short period of time. For reference, Asus has said that the company sells around 1 million Nexus 7 tablets per month.

иными словами, могут и продавать, и зарабатывать:

Previously known as iSuppli, and widely known for its so-called “teardown” analysis reports, IHS has just completed its teardown report on the Apple’s newest iteration of the tablet. The verdict: The base model, a Wi-Fi-only 16 gigabyte iPad mini, which sells for a starting retail price of $329, costs about $188 to build.

наверное, все дело в подходе?

It’s not that Apple can’t go after the low-end of the market — of course they could, and they’d likely dominate from a market share perspective. But they choose not to time and time again because the low-end of the market is unprofitable. Apple prefers to work in the profitable end of the spectrum. Crazy, I know.

в отличии от Amazon:

Like the old one, the new Kindle Fire HD sells for a starting price of $199, and carries a combined cost of components of $165, according to IHS estimates.

ну[1], или возьмем очередной Nexus:

The early verdict, shared exclusively with AllThingsD, is that the low-end eight gigabyte model of the Nexus 7, which sells for $199, costs $151.75 to build.

вообще, если глянуть на историю этой франшизы, то станет очевидной интересная тенденция:

  • Nexus One smartphone, manufactured by HTC
  • Nexus S smartphone, manufactured by Samsung
  • Galaxy Nexus smartphone, manufactured by Samsung
  • Nexus 7 tablet, manufactured by Asus
  • Nexus Q, a media-streaming entertainment device
  • Nexus 4 smartphone, manufactured by LG
  • Nexus 10 tablet, manufactured by Samsung

иными словами, Google, что, разыгрывает эту почетную обязанность — изготовить очередной Nexus — в карты? в русскую рулетку? а кто тогда из жертв изнасилования первым обанкротится?

  1. хотя, конечно, до Microsoft всем далеко:

    With a base price of $499 for a 32 gigabyte Surface without the Touch Cover accessory, IHS estimates that the cost of components used to build it amount to $271 for a starter 32GB model, without the cover.

    вот, кто вас обдирает.  ↩


демпинг, как он есть

12 September 2012 | Amazon, Hardware, Software | No Comments

весьма наглядно об Amazon и их стратегии “win only when customers win” — или, скорее, о тактике “let Kindle Fires collect dust in drawers”.


slap in the face

8 September 2012 | Amazon, Google, The Great Game | 1 Comment

вот и случилось:

Microsoft’s Bing will be the default search provider on the new Amazon Kindle Fire HD tablets.

Bing will replace Google, which was the default provider on the original Kindle Fire.

I told you so, I told you so.