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23 July 2015 | Art, Technology | No Comments

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How much information about ourselves do we leave behind in public, as we shed saliva, hair, and sweat throughout the day? It’s a question that drives the artwork of Heather Dewey-Hagborg, whose project Stranger Visions reconstructs the faces of the anonymous as 3-D printed sculptures, using genetic detritus found in chewing gum, cigarette butts, and wads of hair around New York City.



15 July 2015 | Art | No Comments

Стэнтон Макдональд-Райт, из кусочков.


отшлифованные грани

13 July 2015 | Art | 1 Comment

рассекая волны.


surreal alchemy with ephemeral fossils

12 July 2015 | Art | 3 Comments

опять про Корнелла — в Королевской академии художеств открылась его выставка.


линия горизонта

11 July 2015 | Art | No Comments

проплывая мимо:


affecting and reflecting our world

10 July 2015 | Art, Software | No Comments


Backed by the likes of Sir Tim Berners Lee and the Oscar-winning visual effects teams behind both Gravity and Inception, [The Space] event also had the support of dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, who donated data that he and thousands of bloggers had collected for those at #HackTheSpace to use.

This data consisted of the names of over 5,000 children killed in the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake – information initially obscured by the Chinese government following a scandal over the inadequate construction of school buildings in the area – something Ai Weiwei has been fighting to expose through his work.

What was produced at the end of the 24 hours was as diverse as it was fascinating. The winning piece was an online interface that tracked server security attacks in real time. Each attempted breach originating from China triggered an audio-visual representation of one of the names. The effect was both disconcerting and strangely moving.


cutting light

8 July 2015 | Art | 1 Comment

падения и теории Эрика Йоханссона


как в старой сказке жить да жить

16 June 2015 | Art | No Comments

города Стива МакДональда.



9 June 2015 | Art | No Comments

паспорт и другие божества.



5 June 2015 | Art | No Comments

правильное использование чернильной ручки.