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I have read a heap of books in my time

5 August 2015 | Geography, History, Literature | No Comments

по Лондону вслед за женщиной в белом.


пойдем, Маруся, наверх

21 June 2015 | Geography | No Comments

или вот еще история.


другой Эльсинор

11 June 2015 | Culturology, Geography | No Comments

ну, или к ним:

The Kingdom of Elleore is a micronation located on the island of Elleore in the Roskilde Fjord, north of Roskilde on the Danish island of Zealand.

The island was purchased by a group of Copenhagen schoolteachers in 1944 for use as a summer camp. They proclaimed the island’s tongue-in-cheek “independence” as a Kingdom as a gentle parody of the government structure and royal traditions of Denmark.

хоть там и многое под запретом:

<...> Elleore exacts harsh punishment on anyone who brings the kingdom into disrepute. One of the worst crimes is bringing canned sardines onto the island: apparently it’s disrespectful to cram so many ‘individuals’ into such a tiny space, probably because it’s in opposition to what Elleore does with its citizenry. Another nono is taking the book Robinson Crusoe onto Elleore, as the kingdom reckons it gives a ‘distorted and false impression of how life is on a small island’.

Elleore officials check all incoming baggage for these items, and if you’re found with them the penalty is severe: banishment to the ‘prison island’ of Kaj Snude, just northeast of Elleore, where you will be required to stand for 11 minutes and 17 seconds. If your crime is against sardines, you will also be required to set them loose in the water.


it’s weird and pissed off, whatever it is

10 June 2015 | Culturology, Geography | 4 Comments

из случайных рассказов:

Most personnel [of the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station] leave by the middle of February, leaving a few dozen (45 in 2015) “winter-overs”, mostly support staff plus a few scientists, who keep the station functional through the months of Antarctic night. The winter personnel are isolated between mid-February and late October. Wintering-over presents notorious dangers and stresses, as the station population is almost totally isolated. The station is completely self-sufficient during the winter, and powered by three generators running on JP-8 jet fuel. An annual tradition is a back to back viewing of The Thing from Another World (1951), The Thing (1982), and The Thing (2011) after the last flight has left for the winter.

надо к ним.


в борьбе за выживание

4 June 2015 | Biology, Geography | No Comments

нечто абсолютно трогательное и исключительно волшебное.


when in Yemen

24 May 2015 | Geography | No Comments

немного (1 + 2 + 3 + ) путешествий:

Fouad is a slight guy around my age, with wide-set eyes and a wispy moustache. He’s dressed in a coat and slacks rather than the thawb-and-dagger outfit that most men here seem to favor. Almost as soon as we start walking, he turns to me and asks:


“What does that mean?”

“This is an important phrase. It means, do you chew qat?”

“Well of course! When in Yemen!”

We settle on a plan. Fouad will show me the city, we’ll have lunch, come back to the hotel, chew some qat, and then take a walk again in the evening when the light is at its prettiest.



поют и танцуют

7 May 2015 | Geography, Technology | No Comments

а вот путешествие в Индию, в Удайпур, размером в 16 гигапикселей.


for Wim

11 March 2015 | Architecture, Geography, Photo | 2 Comments

прекрасные фасады Стамбула.


в лучшем случае, о победах над соседним племенем

4 March 2015 | Geography, History | No Comments

говорят, в дождевых лесах Гондураса нашли заброшенный город практически неизученной культуры — к оставленным в сырых джунглях скульптурам не прикасались столетиями, и только насекомые, исправно скрипя над остовами, и дальше эхом от камня, раздавались наружу иллюзией жизни.

что ж, спустя очередные пару тысяч лет и наши остнаки в янтарных облачениях извлекут из морских глубин, — и в чем тогда будет отличие? разве что в уровне освоенной арифметики, да в масштабах приносимых богам жертв. что, в общем-то, исключительно неразрывно друг с другом связано.


вдоль излучины

26 February 2015 | Art, Geography | No Comments

вымышленные города Эмили Гарфильд.