thoughtcrime does not entail death, thoughtcrime is death

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к слову, говоря о “Nineteen Eighty-Four”, можно вспомнить, что относительно недавно тот самый Пинчон написал хорошее эссе на эту тему:

Our nominally free news media are required to present “balanced” coverage, in which every “truth” is immediately neutered by an equal and opposite one. Every day public opinion is the target of rewritten history, official amnesia and outright lying, all of which is benevolently termed “spin,” as if it were no more harmful than a ride on a merry-go- round. We know better than what they tell us, yet hope otherwise. We believe and doubt at the same time – it seems a condition of political thought in a modern superstate to be permanently of at least two minds on most issues. Needless to say, this is of inestimable use to those in power who wish to remain there, preferably forever.

так насаждается doublethink, так в тумане запретов размываются ориентиры, так скорректированное прошлое корректирует настоящее:

The interests of the regime in Oceania lie in the exercise of power for its own sake, in its unrelenting war on memory, desire, and language as a vehicle of thought. Memory is relatively easy to deal with, from the totalitarian point of view. There is always some agency like the Ministry of Truth to deny the memories of others, to rewrite the past. It has become a commonplace, circa 2003, for government employees to be paid more than most of the rest of us to debase history, trivialise truth and annihilate the past on a daily basis. Those who don’t learn from history used to have to relive it, but only until those in power could find a way to convince everybody, including themselves, that history never happened, or happened in a way best serving their own purposes – or best of all that it doesn’t matter anyway, except as some dumbed-down TV documentary cobbled together for an hour’s entertainment.

for if nothing is true, then anything is possible.


eat this!

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наконец-то дошло:

Surveillance legislation the government considered “vital” and rushed through parliament last year has been struck down by the High Court.

The Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act, which compels telecoms providers to retain user data for 12 months and make it available to public bodies, was inconsistent with European law, the court ruled.


и простор голубеет, как белье с кружевами

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или, скажем, характерный признак разных культур — это то, как в них определяют понятие “чужого”:

В городе, где незнакомые люди живут по соседству, где зеленщик понимает, что часовщик – другой, конечно, цех, но совсем не враждебный, а нужный, необходимый: чужой – это норма, не вызывающая возражения. В деревне все иначе. Свои – это лично знакомые. Незнакомец, пришлый, неведомо как попавший в наши края – это опасность, тревога, причина недоверия, страха и ненависти. Кто это забрел в наш обособленный и очень односложный мир – не враг ли он, не источник ли беды?

кто-то сказал в прошлом году, что граница между Россией и Украиной на самом деле проходит не где-то там на карте, а всего-то по линии распространения Магдебургского права — отсюда, то есть, и растет такое разное восприятие политики и экономики, разночтения в культурном коде, в оснознании простейших, казалось бы вещей.

и дальше — туда, на восток, к вечной деревне, страху перемен и обязательной властибоязни — это как на машине времени, снова неизменно в беспросветное прошлое, в забытые поселения имени Зеро:

И нассать в чужом подъезде, оторвать трубку в телефоне автомате, поджечь почтовые ящики – это демонстрация непонимания ценности коммуникации. Не о чем нам говорить с чужими, мы живем обособленно, нам другие не нужны, а кто не с нами, тот – враг.



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просто на память, чтобы сохранить картинку.


все идет по плану

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нелзья, кстати, не отметить замечательное сходство.


to make the market safer

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скажем, так:

The UK’s porn filters could be made illegal under a proposed EU law heading for a vote in the European Parliament this autumn.

The law takes aim at roaming charges but it will have far-reaching implications for net neutrality and the UK’s adult content filters introduced in July 2013, say legal experts.

It boils down to the fact that “if you’re a German customer who wants specific content, you should be able to access it in the UK as well”, said Denis Keseris, a patent attorney who specialises in information and communications technology as a partner at the firm Withers & Rogers.

Approved on 30 June, the Single Telecoms Market law marks the end of mobile phone providers’ roaming charges throughout the EU from June 2017 onward. The new laws will also “enshrine the principle of net neutrality into EU law”. That means “no blocking or throttling of online content, applications and services”.

по-крайней мере, будет отличный повод для исков.



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Стэнтон Макдональд-Райт, из кусочков.


conventions only become conventions if they work

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или, например, хороший Мокси Марлинспайк о GPG:

Eventually I realized that when I receive a GPG encrypted email, it simply means that the email was written by someone who would voluntarily use GPG. I don’t mean someone who cares about privacy, because I think we all care about privacy. There just seems to be something particular about people who try GPG and conclude that it’s a realistic path to introducing private communication in their lives for casual correspondence with strangers.

Increasingly, it’s a club that I don’t want to belong to anymore.

все так. вот и получается, что с одной стороны криптогфрафия жизненно необоходима каждому, а с другой — что пользоваться этими продуктами нет совершенно никакой возможности.


V for Vendetta

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в Германии не лучше:

The president of the German domestic secret service has filed criminal charges with the public prosecutor because of two of our ( — me) articles. The accusation: leaking state secrets. We have learned that from a brodcast on public broadcasting radio station Deutschlandfunk on Saturday.

The investigation’s cause are the articles „mass data processing of the Internet’s content“ and „a new unit for expanding internet surveillance“ executed by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution whereof we had reported with the aid of the original documents.

We have reported on this matter because we deem it necessary to start a social debate. Two years after after Snowden’s revelations, the Federal Government has no better ideas than spending more and more money and responsibilities on largely uncontrolled secret services instead of ensuring a better control of secret services and reducing the system of total surveillance.


отшлифованные грани

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рассекая волны.