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немного[1] о современном футболе:

Every player has his own script, what to do, when to do it, information on the player he’s up against, including weight, height, age, strengths, weaknesses, even what that opponent is likely to do when the ball comes to him in certain situations. We memorise every single set piece, where we have to stand, run and end up. We even memorise this for the other players so we know where everyone else will be at any given time.

You know that pass when you say to yourself: “How did he spot that?” Often he didn’t need to; he knew the player would be there because, the night before in the hotel, he read about the runs he would be making.

It’s exactly the same pass after which sometimes you might find yourself saying: “Who was that to?” The receiving player either forgot to be there or was taken out of the game by a tactical manoeuvre by his opposite number.

и дальше самое главное:

Football at this level is very chess-like, maybe not to those outside of football but certainly to those inside. I sometimes wonder whether it’s more enjoyable playing lower down the leagues. After all, who wants to play chess?

именно, об этом я и говорю, только там еще и осталась настоящие чувства.

[1] — заметка, вообще, бесконечно хорошая и на актуальную тему:

While I found the whole episode with Gray and Richard Keys at Molineux cringeworthy, inside the world of football nobody is particularly bothered. Don’t interpret that as evidence that players are condoning Gray and Keys for their behaviour. It’s more a case that most of my team-mates would have no interest in listening to anything pundits say in the first place.


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