V for Vendetta

07:25 | 14-07-2015 | Politics, Privacy, Security | 3 Comments

в Германии не лучше:

The president of the German domestic secret service has filed criminal charges with the public prosecutor because of two of our (netzpolitik.org — me) articles. The accusation: leaking state secrets. We have learned that from a brodcast on public broadcasting radio station Deutschlandfunk on Saturday.

The investigation’s cause are the articles „mass data processing of the Internet’s content“ and „a new unit for expanding internet surveillance“ executed by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution whereof we had reported with the aid of the original documents.

We have reported on this matter because we deem it necessary to start a social debate. Two years after after Snowden’s revelations, the Federal Government has no better ideas than spending more and more money and responsibilities on largely uncontrolled secret services instead of ensuring a better control of secret services and reducing the system of total surveillance.


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  1. s says:

    Now, accused of high treason.

    • s says:

      ну, посмотрим:

      German Chancellor Angela Merkel has joined two of her ministers in casting doubt on a treason probe into two internet journalists. She said authorities needed to be sensitive where press freedom was at stake.

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