you take the blue pill

14:25 | 15-07-2012 | Cryptography, Lifeform, Story | 2 Comments

жизнь порой закидывет удочки чище иного Пинчона:

So a few days ago, a Reddit user named delverofsecrets went on to Reddit to explain that he had been handed a mysterious grid cipher by a scruffy guy on a subway train and needed the site’s help to decipher it. After the post shot to the front page of Reddit, the code was cracked, as users used a combination of English, Cyrillic, Basque and Hebrew alphabets.

Once the code was broken, delverofsecrets had to delete his Reddit account and go off the internet after receiving threatening phone calls, in which his life and the life of his family was threatened. The caller knew names and addresses.

начиналось все здесь, а вот серия заметок @ Mashable: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + …


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