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вот, пожалуйста:

A pair of artist-coders have unleashed a small army of bots designed to flood the Kindle e-book store with texts comprised entirely of YouTube comments. According to the artists, even they have no idea how many books their autonomous bots are posting to the store.

даже смешно, говорят — и я охотно этому верю:

The Internet slang of YouTube comments is treated as fresh dialogue, and sold through Amazon.com in the form of massive, self-generated e-books. In an auto-cannibalistic model, user generated content is sold back to the users themselves, parasitically exploiting both corporations: YouTube and Amazon.

The GHOST WRITERS project’s aim is to address and identify pertinent questions concerning the digital publishing industry’s business models, as well as to draw the lines of new trends for a possible new kind of digital literature, after the web.

плюс, и еще один интересный аспект:

[W]ho do YouTube videos/comments belong to? Where does authorship start and end? To what extent does the e-book format have to be reconsidered with regard to the traditional book form, and what are its most innovative opportunities?



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