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зато чудесная карта викторианского Лондона, распластанная поверх современных Google Maps:

The National Library of Scotland’s Map Department, supported by David Rumsey, have taken some very high-resolution scans of the Ordnance Survey 1893-6 1:1056 (that’s 60 inches to the mile!) set of 500+ maps of London and, crucially, reorientated and stitched them together, so that they can be presented seamlessly (using OpenLayers) on top of a “standard” Google web map or OpenStreetMap, with the base map acting as a modern context.

определенно, время снова перечитывать “Квинкункс”:

How could I have a “real” name that I didn’t know? In that case, was there a real me that went along with it and that I also didn’t know?


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