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теперь-то и начнется самое интересное:

The OS runs on “prototype” hardware that very closely resembles a Galaxy S4. Tizen is a Linux-based OS primarily developed by Samsung, and, the theory goes, Samsung’s grand plot is to eventually turn Tizen into a drop-in Android replacement, own the market with an OS of its own making, and never have to deal with Google again. So far, Tizen seems a pretty accurate Android clone, but it’s shocking how far along it is. On the surface, it seemed just as capable as a TouchWiz Android device. Samsung has done such a good job of replicating the Android interface [emphasis mine] that there is very little to write about—everything looks and works similarly to the way it does on Android, just without any kind of ecosystem.

ну, кто бы сомневался, что это жизненно необходимый шаг. вот только выглядит он — как всегда — дерьмово.


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