eyes wide shut

09:51 | 07-04-2014 | Internet, Privacy, Security | No Comments

quote of the day:

Unless we start building personal trust networks (exchanging and verifying public/private keys) and encrypting our email, then we should probably give up on email privacy. When communicating in plain text over the public Internet we should assume that our messages are being read by third parties.

It doesn’t matter if we self host, pay a dedicated Email host with a simple privacy policy or use a giant advertising-supported technology company’s Email service for free. Email privacy without encryption and trusted, verified identity is an illusion.

коммуникации в сети — это то, что не дает мне покоя практически беспрерывно. и действенный компромисс между удобством и надежностью пока так и не обнаружен.


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