the new Guy Fawkes mask

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[T]he hometown opinion on Pussy Riot is mixed at best. Even the liberal response has involved language like “They should let these chicks go with a slap on the ass.” Despite the rapid Westernization of the city elites, the rise of the vaunted “creative class” and the widespread distrust of the state-coddled Orthodox Church, Russians remain distinctly uncomfortable with activist women.


Liberalism in Russia is a peculiar beast. <...> Gender equality and the rights of ethnic minorities and gays all remain firmly outside of its scope. <...> Pride parades remain banned in Moscow, while opposition leaders freely use the Russian word for “faggot” in public. The idea that liberalism is partly about upholding someone else’s liberty — including their right to do something that’s personally offensive to you — is an exotic and untested notion in Russia.


Of course, if the defendants decided to convey over-the-top remorse (by falling to their knees, crying, etc.), then public opinion and even their legal fortunes would almost certainly turn. But Ms. Alyokhina, Ms. Samutsevich and Ms. Tolokonnikova remain cool, smiling and remote — a “Western” and “unfeminine” attitude. When you’re a woman in Russia, nothing but tears will do.

потому что это надо слушать и читать беспрерывно, да? потому что неужели кому-то может быть не тошно и не душно? не хватать за горло?

да, хочется как-то дистанцироваться, хочется писать взвешенные статьи, смотреть исключительно в окно, пить зеленый чай. но, черт побери, как же омерзительно все это. и как мучительно больно.


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