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неудивительно, что в связи с будущим появлением Google Glass в активном обиходе, зарождаются многие и многие сомнения:

If the notion of an intruder hacking into your smartphone or PC seems disturbing, just imagine an even more personal sort of privacy breach–a hacker who gains full access to your sight.

That’s the warning voiced Tuesday by Jay Freeman, the iOS and Android developer who last Friday discovered that he could use an Android hacking technique to compromise Google’s Glass headset, gaining complete control of its operating system. While Freeman had initially described his hack–a previously known attack on Android 4.0.4–as a “jailbreak” intended to give users the ability to remove restrictions Google placed on the device, Freeman noted in a blog post describing his Glass crack that it could have more serious repercussions, allowing the installation of surveillance malware on the device.

меня лично, впрочем, скорее останавливает другой аспект:

Tim Stevens, opening his Google Glass review at Engadget:

Smartphones are amazing things, but for those who have become addicted to messaging instant gratification, they are a bit unwieldy. This annoyance gets even worse as these devices grow larger and larger. Well, certainly one approach would be to relax a little and stop feeling so compelled to check for Facebook notifications every 30 seconds. Those fully immersed in the information age, however, will be more inclined to fix the physical inconveniences presented by the problem. A heads-up display seems like a natural fit, and thus we have Google Glass.

Stevens has described the reason I dislike Glass but haven’t been able to put my finger on. In our nearly-always-on world, Glass would have our brief moments of peace be filled.

I don’t want that. I don’t want that at all.



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