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жизнь пародирует искусство:

Only about 2% of Cubans can get online <...> but it doesn’t matter. You don’t need the internet <...>. The news may be a little stale by the time you read it, but it gets around. Whole stacks of HTML files from news websites are dumped onto USB drives, brought into the country, and disseminated from person to person. The thumb drive and the data DVD have become the media of choice here for the same reason that the tape deck lived on in Cuba long after its obsolescence elsewhere.

помните “Spook Country”, да? скоро так все и будет, на обычном кухонном уровне.

и еще хорошая цитатав свете недавних запретов:

Ever since Gutenberg started the information revolution, vested interests have tried to burn books. We’re just going to have to create more and more books until their efforts are overwhelmed.

пора носить Лурк на флэшке.


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