bitcoin is what money should be

09:49 | 24-03-2013 | Economics, Internet, Lifeform | 2 Comments

quote of the day:

Bitcoin is to banks what email was to postal offices. Instead of going to a bank, respecting their schedule, paying their fees, I can transfer money to Ethiopia, Egypt or China from my living room withoung anyone knowing who’s behind the address B and address A.

Mihai Alisie.


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  1. […] еще о валютах: [T]here’s one thing that Bitcoins do that’s genuinely interesting. They decentralize trust. Trust is hard to earn; verifying transactions is a brutal problem, which is why PayPal locks down your account when there’s too much money flowing into it. Creating trust is traditionally the work of federal governments and branding agencies. Trust is also an easy thing to squander. Just close a beloved service, a la Google Reader. Or allow your banks to fail, causing an entire country to suddenly realize that the value of their deposits, the fundamental integrity of their financial selves, was arbitrary all along. […]

  2. […] вот, и пожалуйста: US authorities seized the accounts of a Bitcoin digital currency exchange […]

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