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everything went great right up to the explosion

4 July 2015 | Games | No Comments

еще игра:

[Lifeline is] a real-time, text-based game in which you are remote support for a stranded astronaut. While it just takes a few moments to interact with the game, I’m ready for my lost little buddy to wake up from his first night asleep so we can tackle whatever is next.

и этот затерянный комонавт, он будет писать вам смски.


we grow old because we stop playing

27 June 2015 | Games, Personal | 1 Comment

или, например, игра:

Her Story is a nonlinear jigsaw puzzle set in the mid-90’s. As the player, you must find and review snippets of archival police interview footage to figure out what happened to a woman called Hannah in 1994. Those snippets are brief and jumbled together; only careful observation will allow you to uncover the whole story.

определенно, мне нравится такая эволюция.

жаль только, что совсем не играю — даже Monument Valley забросил где-то посередине.


pump those numbers up

27 February 2015 | Economics, Games, Software | No Comments

или вот, например, игры для настоящих мужчин и женщин.


о равноправии

29 November 2014 | Culturology, Games | No Comments

обзор романтических и эротических игр для женщин, между прочим.



27 April 2014 | Cinematograph, Cookery, Economics, Games, History | No Comments

как все уже слышали, археологи современности нашли крупнейшее захоронение видеоигр:

An urban legend has just been truthified. The long-rumored landfill of Atari’s abysmal E.T. carts for the Atari 2600 console that helped lead toward the complete, crushing collapse of the home console entertainment arena in 1983 – known mostly as the “video game crash of ’83” – has been uncovered.


Taking place in the Almagordo, New Mexico desert, the dig set out to uncover the truth of what happened to those 14 trucks containing unsold copies of E.T. Extraterrestrial: The Game.

история сама по себе достойна романа, не меньше:

Atari, then the dominant maker of home consoles and video games, paid millions for the rights to make an adaptation of the 1982 blockbuster E.T. The resulting game is considered one of the worst of all time and, along with a similarly disappointing port of Pac-Man for the Atari 2600, is blamed for home consoles’ ice age from 1983 until the North American launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

конечно, эти динозавры — игры — не могли вымереть полностью. но все равно, удар был сильнейший.

с “E.T.”, кстати, связана и другая чудесная история, на этот раз про конфеты:

M&M’s passed up the chance to be the candy used to lure the shy little alien from his hiding place in the 1982 blockbuster E.T., thereby letting one of the most successful instances of movie product placement fall into the hands of a competitor who benefited mightily from it.

изначально в сценарии (и в последующей новелизации) речь шла именно о M&M’s. но, видимо, руководителям Mars не хватило чувства перспективы:

Within two weeks of the movie’s premiere, [Hershey’s] Reese’s Pieces sales went through the roof. (Disagreement exists as to how far through the roof they went: Sales were variously described as having tripled, experienced an 85% jump, or increased by 65%). Whatever the numbers, though, Reese’s Pieces — up until then an underdog confection only faintly known by the U.S. candy-consuming public — were suddenly being consumed in great handfuls.

не по этим ли осколкам забытых амфор будут термиты[1] восстанавливать наш путь?


  1. Раскаяться? Переверстать судьбу?
    Зайти с другой, как говориться, карты?
    Но стоит ли? Радиоактивный дождь
    польет не хуже нас, чем твой историк.
    Кто явится нас проклинать? Звезда?
    Луна? Осатаневший от бессчетных
    мутаций, с рыхлым туловищем, вечный
    термит? Возможно. Но, наткнувшись в нас
    на нечто твердое, и он, должно быть,
    слегка опешит и прервет буренье.



the winter of our discontent

11 April 2014 | Games, Philosophy | No Comments

натуральный постмодернизм:

RIOT is a riot simulator based on real events that have been influencing the western civilization in the past few years.

многоплановая игра, ага:

RIOT is made of two game genres. If the player chooses to play as the rioters, he will find a game that is strategic, but it is mostly about fast-pace reactions to the situations happening all around him. What I mean by that is that there will be very little time for planning, and it will mostly be about responding. This is does not mean that the strategic component is cut out, but just that the response time will have be short. This section of the game will be about controlling a chaotic (but not random) mass of people.

The second genre belongs to the policemen. When played through this faction, the game becomes more similar to a strategy game. It is more organized, orders are sent through an actual “button-y” user interface (instead of the gestures used for the rioter), and the game is more focused on planning rather than fast response. Both component are still present, but the policemen faction is more organized and logical.


уроки мастерства

4 April 2014 | Games | 1 Comment

впрочем, иногда встречаются по-настоящему великолепные игры.


our little boys

3 April 2014 | Games, Science | 1 Comment

еще не наигрались в 2048? что ж, теперь и для физиков.



22 February 2014 | Culturology, Games | No Comments

из описания одной игры:

The game tells the story of a woman who has to face all the important memories of her life by going though several distorted stages full of enemies, which symbolize the fragments of her past that have come back to haunt her.



for a happier life

1 December 2013 | Games, Psychology | 2 Comments

стреляй, потом разберемся:

By August, 1996, Doom had sold two million copies, prompting Wired to name it “the most popular computer game of all time,” and it had spawned a new sub-genre of video game, the so-called “Doom clone.”


What is it that has made this type of game such a success? It’s not simply the first-person perspective, the three-dimensionality, the violence, or the escape. These are features of many video games today. But the first-person shooter combines them in a distinct way: a virtual environment that maximizes a player’s potential to attain a state that the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls “flow”—a condition of absolute presence and happiness.


Control, compounded by a first-person perspective, may be the key to the first-person shooter’s enduring appeal. A fundamental component of our happiness is a sense of control over our lives.

так оно и было, мы определенно контролировали шипение BFG 9000, медленно разгоняющейся, что жизнь за окном — мы убивали друг друга беспрестанно, дни и ночи напролет, пулями навылет. и были ли мы счастливы? уж можете мне поверить.